Anishinaabemowin Language Initiative

The Anishinaabemowin Language Initiative was initiated by former CEO, Norma Jean Diamond ba in early 2000 at the Mamaweswen the North Shore Tribal Council. An advisory council consisting of 14 members (two from each of the seven First Nations) began in what was originally called the “Elders Advisory Committee”. Their mandate was to develop a strategy to be implemented at the North Shore Tribal Council and used as a tool to develop curriculum to be delivered in the schools of the member communities.

The North Shore Tribal Council held a Language Summit dedicated to the memory of Norma Jean Diamond. This event took place at the Mississauga First Nation in June 2013. The mandate was to develop strategy/projects to be developed and implemented within the coming year(s) to each of the First Nations.

Barbara Nolan Youtube Ojibway Series

As a vibrant first-speaker of Nishnaabemwin, Barbara has spent several decades working with a variety of organizations to revitalize our language. In her Youtube series, Barbara teaches many of the fundamentals to help beginners with learning the Ojibway language.

We are proud to share Barbara’s fantastic Ojibway language series below, courtesy of Maamwesying North Shore Community Heath Services, our heath service corporation.

Scroll down to begin your Ojibway language learning journey today.

Ojibway Lessons

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Lesson 1: Writing System
Lesson 2: Meeting Someone
Lesson 3: Introductions
Lesson 4: Weather
Lesson 5: Eating
Lesson: 6 Daily Routines Part 1
Lesson 7: Daily Routines Part 2
Lesson 8: Clothing
Lesson 9: Feelings
Lesson 10: Months/Days


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