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Program Outline

The NSTC is here to help our 7 First Nation Communities achieve their goals in Emergency Management. It is a community-driven program with the goal of being prepared, mitigating hazards, ensuring sustainability within our communities, and working with the community to achieve their goals.

The NSTC created the role of Nennaabbiijiget during the Pandemic and through that role hosted community round tables. At those round tables, the Nennaabbiijiget learned that assistance was needed for:

  • Funding to support emergency management at the community level
  • Emergency Alert Program to keep members safe and informed
  • Incident Command Training
  • Evacuation Hosting
  • Creating a region of First Nation helping First Nation

The NSTC responded to these requests by:

Creating a provincial pilot project demonstrating that with the appropriate support and funding, First Nation Communities can plan, mitigate, and respond to their own emergencies. If the funding was provided like that of municipalities, our First Nations would be safer, better service,  and move away from the constant survival mode we always experience.

NSTC Flowed 70K (July 2022) for Emergency Liaisons to:

  • Support the community Emergency Management Plan Review and update process
  • Help create a regional response plan that includes first nations deployment to each community (regional EcDev)
  • Work with NSTC to review EM plans, develop local trainers and certify them
  • Support and empower communities to apply for funding to help move their community EM plans forward and put the 10 % admin fee directly in community coffers.
  • Available to participants are College credits and a possible diploma in Emergency Management from the work that is completed by communities.
  • NSTC developed a mentorship program to empower its communities to work together and explore evacuation hosting in the region, increasing economic development within individual communities and the region.
  • NSTC is aware of many contractors across the province, we recognized that currently, it is contractors that are benefiting financially from evacuations. However, it could also be a First Nation hosting the evacuation site on reserve employing the region’s first nations people.
  • Each of the NSTC communities has been added to the Evacuation host plan with the City of Sudbury.  Until such a time that our communities have accommodations built and can host within their communities.

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