Technical Services

Our Mandate

The Technical Services Unit will strive to meet the expectations of the member First Nations, which include building capacity and promoting technical self-reliance through the transfer of skills and technology.

Our team provides technical support and advisory services to the member First Nations in the areas of:

➢ Capital asset and community infrastructure planning
➢ Operation and maintenance of community capital assets
➢ Housing
➢ Waste Management


The technical services team priorities are:

➢ Network meetings in the areas of Housing, Public Works, Water/Infrastructure, Fire and Waste Management. Capacity building – each First Nation express a variety of needs for training and Technical Services coordinate as per request.

➢ Addressing government implementation of programs and services. Keeping communities informed of changes in legislation and/or regulations.

➢ Residential Housing Inspection services for CMHC

➢ Continued networking with government partners, ISC, CMHC, and affiliated organizations – OBOA, OFNTSC, FNHC, NOFNEC

➢ Continued working with First Nations in any way we may be of service.


The Technical Services Unit provide assistance with the First Nations Capital/Infrastructure, Water, Housing, Fire and Waste Management Departments.

The Technical Service team meet with the First Nations Housing departments regularly to conduct housing inspections for new and CMHC Section 95 projects. The Infrastructure Specialists (inspectors) conduct Building Code, PCR, conditional assessments for the member First Nations.

In addition, network meetings are coordinated to address housing issues met in our communities, as well as assist with capacity development for the workers.

Work conducted with the Water departments are around the legislation for Safe Drinking Water for First Nations. In addition, we coordinate the First Nation Water Operator Training Subsidy for Water Plant Operators. We are responsible for coordinating training and reporting to ISC on the training subsidy.

The areas of Public Works and Fire are met with coordinated meetings similar to Housing to address like-minded issues and concerns with their various disciplines.

Work has begun regarding First Nations Waste Management processes through coordinated meetings to address partnership and stakeholder relationship building activities; Contract Administration; Compliance Monitoring. Public Education and Awareness; Waste Management Plan Development and Implementation; Reporting and Proposal drafting.



Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation (OFNTSC) “TECHNATIONS”

First Nations Housing Conference (FNHC)

Aboriginal Water and Wastewater Association (AWWAO)

Northern Ontario First Nations Environment Conference (NOFNEC)

Walkerton Clean Water Centre


CMHC – Canada Mortgage and Housing Canada
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